Zee Grand Yellow Nectarine: Maximum Juiciness, at Altitude

Have you heard of “mountain fruit”? Our staff is just starting to learn about it. Grown on higher ground, mountain fruit ripens S…L…O…W…L…Y, which causes the flavor to build towards serious sweetness, and the fruit’s skin to get thick and crunchy (in the best of ways).

We’ve just received our first delivery of Zee Grand yellow nectarines from Marchini Ranch in Placerville. One third of their 170 acre farm is used for growing stone fruit (at 2,800 ft. elevation in the Sierra Nevada foothills); they also grow apples and wine grapes.  To achieve such big flavor, the farmers at Marchini use growing practices like minimal and strategic watering, and minimal fertilizer, administered only my hand.

Mountain fruit is picked ripe, and is best enjoyed when the fruit is firm.  So don’t buy one of these Zee Grands and let it sit out on the counter for a week before you eat it–by then the flavor will be long gone.  When eaten firm, mountain fruit is juicy, crunchy, sweet and more flavorful than you can imagine.  Every time you bite into a piece, you’ll say to yourself “WOW!, that’s amazing”. Lucky for us, their season extends well into September!

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