Register Recipes: Limequat Margarita

We’ve certainly been experiencing different weather patterns than the rest of the country here in San Francisco. My little brother emailed me a few days ago from Pennsylvania to share stories of sledding and snowball fights. Meanwhile, Bi-Rite has been flooded by guests looking for cold beers and chilled wines to complement the warmer weather. If I shared this recipe with my folks they would surely think not just how seasonally inappropriate a margarita sounds but also what exactly a limequat is. Turns out, this chilled cocktail is wonderful during our ‘winter’ and a limequat is a sour, aromatic hybrid of a kumquat and a lime. Let our snow-covered friends to the east toast to warmer days; let us sun-bathed folk to the west enjoy a margarita featuring seasonally appropriate citrus.

Serves 4

8-10 limequats
¼ c sugar
8 oz Herradura tequila
Salt (if desired) for rim of glass

Slice and seed limequats, muddle with sugar, and mix thoroughly with two cups of water. Prepare glasses with tequilia and ice; strain sugar mixture into glasses. Garnish with salt and a slice of quat.

One Response to “Register Recipes: Limequat Margarita”

  1. Alli says:

    Oooo yes! Will absolutely be making these with my parents (who are visiting from snowy CT) this weekend! Great idea, mitch.