Register Recipe: Aziza’s Meyer Lemon Cocktail

farnoush portraitI feel lucky to live in the Outer Richmond. I know that with the constant fog and cool weather that may sound strange for some, but I love it here. I’m five minutes away from the beach, around the corner from a great Margarita at Tommy’s, nearby stinky tofu at Formosa café…but the best benefit has got to be living two blocks away from Aziza!

We all know about the wonderful Michelin-starred Moroccan food they offer, but what I love most is their wine and cocktail program headed by the talented Farnoush Deylamian. Farnoush’s cocktails revolve around seasonal muddled fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Some ingredients may seem strange at first, like sugar snap pea or wild arugula, but they’re in balance and consistently delicious. I always start my evening there with her Meyer lemon cocktail, consisting of muddled Meyer lemon, brandy, and Cointreau, finished with Prosecco. It’s a great starter to a meal as an aperitif, or delicious with their couscous.  If you can’t make it over to 22nd and Geary to visit Aziza, here’s the recipe straight from Farnoush so you can replicate it at home!

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4 Responses to “Register Recipe: Aziza’s Meyer Lemon Cocktail”

  1. lonelyplanet says:

    she really does create the top drinks in town. balance & combinations are perfection. pretty sexy too.

  2. Gail Lamotte says:

    How much Cointreau?

  3. Jenevra says:

    Lemon Meyer Cocktail. Bright and tart with sparkling fizz. Very nice. How much Cointraeu? Half-ounce or a full ounce?

  4. Heba Levitt says:

    How much and when do you add the cointreau?