Register Recipe: The Big Apple Cobbler Cocktail

Growing up in a Pennsylvania Dutch household, I ate a lot of apples.  Each school day I was sent off to the bus with an apple in my bag.  Whenever my grandmother would prepare my favorite dish (pork chops!) they were always topped with delicious apple sauce.  Whenever I attended festivals, the Pennsylvania Dutch served apple butter as part of a traditional seven sweets and seven sours dish.  Whenever autumn came, it meant wooden machines spun apples, removed their skins, pressed the flesh and collected apple cider.  I can still remember sipping on a mug of warm, spiced apple cider each Halloween while we carved pumpkins and toilet papered our neighbor’s house (not exactly a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, but certainly one of my grandmother’s favorite past times.)

Here in the city, I can still find apples everywhere: at Bi-Rite you can find them in our deli case, sliced alongside walnuts, bleu cheese and spinach.   We currently have all kinds of heirloom apple varieties in the produce section, which Simon blogged about in his last entry.  I still follow the tradition of taking an apple with me to school: they’re an ideal snack!  Fresh, sweet, filling, healthy and portable.

If you’ve read any of my entries before, you know where this is going: apple cocktails.  The following cocktail is coming our way through a friend, who had it at the bar Libation in New York.  This toothsome recipe was featured in the New York Magazine.  The Big Apple Cobbler is a nice way to ease into the warmer and spiced cocktails that the coming rainy months encourage us to imbibe.

The Big Apple Cobbler
From Libation, NYC

1.5 oz. Maker’s Mark

½ oz. Calvados

Apple-A-Day unfiltered apple juice

Reed’s extra ginger beer

A fresh, sliced apple

Mix Maker’s Mark and Calvados in a tall glass filled with ice.  Fill with apple juice, then top with ginger beer.  Garnish with a sliced apple (ask a producer clerk for their recommendation– the best apple variety rotates daily!)

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