Register Recipe: The Black and Stormy

I don’t often imbibe rum, which is surprising considering molasses is one of my favorite sweeteners.  Rum is a spirit made of fermented and distilled sugarcane juice or its by-products, and may be aged in oak barrels depending on whether a “light” or “dark” rum is desired.  Quite beloved in various parts of the Caribbean and South America, rum became popular among plantation slaves in the Caribbean and spread to colonial North America.

Meanwhile, in the present day Bay Area, berry season has arrived.  Tasting particularly well are blackberries, coming to us from a friend of Toby’s in Dixon, California.  As you squeeze or bite into the blackberries they immediately explode, releasing their sweet juice and staining purple and black anything it touches.  They’re deliciously messy, and my fellow cashier Matt Rupert realized how wonderfully they could flavor and color a cocktail.  Here’s his version of the Dark and Stormy cocktail that has turned me on to rum:

2oz. Myer’s dark rum

3oz. ginger beer

6 blackberries

A lime wedge

Muddle blackberries in a highball glass.  Pour ginger beer and rum over berry puddle.  Fill glass with ice, stir, garnish with a lime.  Enjoy the storm while still black and mussy.

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  1. ASM says:

    You’re just too dreamy, Mitch ..