Register Recipe: The Doberman

Oh vodka, the things we can do with you. We can infuse you with delicious fruits, like seckel pears or those crazy finger forests known as Buddha’s hand citron. It’s easy: the pears you can leave whole, but the Buddha’s claws are best grated. Set in a jar with enough vodka to cover the fruit. Shake and taste every 3 days, and in about 2 weeks you’ll have a delicious infused vodka.

Vodka also tastes really good with fruit juices: their sugars give cocktails body and help mask those aggressive alcohol aromas. Meanwhile, vodka makes the juice lively and fun to drink.

Some distilleries make vodka exceptionally well, and Reyka, an Icelandic producer,  takes Vodka seriously: they make the spirit in small batches with pure Icelandic spring water. To make sure their Vodka is pure, they filter it through volcanic rock. Best yet—perhaps due to the fact that the distillery is powered by geothermic heat—it’s an incredible deal. We offer Reyka for only $19.99! It’s very economical for such a clean vodka.

Here’s another great idea for how to use vodka. If you haven’t tried a sweet lime, ask one of our produce clerks to cut you a slice of one. They are completely without the acids of their citrus siblings. Instead, they are filled with sugars and smell oh so fragrant. Mixed with Reyka, sweet limes create a deliciously aromatic and smooth cocktail. My roommate and I can confirm this as we’ve discovered the Greyhound’s cousin:

The Doberman

1 oz. Reyka vodka

4 ½ oz. freshly squeezed sweet lime juice

A dash of Angostora orange bitters

Mix ingredients in a glass filled with ice. Stir, imbibe.

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