DIY: Contest for Bi-Rite Divisadero Special Sandwich & Sundae!

sandwich sundae contest

We’re opening our doors at 550 Divisadero in mid-March, and we’d love your help with the menu. So put on your chef’s hat and ponder this:

If Bi-Rite Divis were a sandwich, what would it look like? What would it taste like?

What about if it were an ice cream sundae? Would it be gooey? Salty? Spicy?

We’re asking you, our talented and vocal creative community, to help us create a special sandwich and sundae that will only be available at Bi-Rite Divis. We’re looking for a new frontier in deli and Creamery tastiness. No idea is too crazy, far flung or niche… think big, think small, think about what makes the Western Addition neighborhood tick!

Just make sure it’s finger lickin’ good.

Email us to submit your idea (each sundae or sandwich idea must include a menu name as well as the ingredients/components) for either a sandwich or sundae (or both!) by Friday, February 22, and we promise to salivate over every last entry until we select the winners. In addition to bragging rights, the two winners will receive a free festival pass ($95 value) to our first ever San Francisco Food & Farm Film Festival at the Roxie Theater, including the opening night bash at Four Barrel coffee. And of course, the free sandwich or sundae of their creation on opening day 🙂

So what do YOU want to be eating in March??

10 Responses to “DIY: Contest for Bi-Rite Divisadero Special Sandwich & Sundae!”

  1. Lilah Sutphen says:

    The Sweet, cheesy, crunchy:
    Layer the following on a crusty baguette (or whatever bread the consumer desires), and grill to perfection:
    – Mt. Tam brie
    – thinly sliced tart granny smith apple
    -crispy (bordering on burnt) bacon
    – healthy dollop of bi-rite honey (or Bay Area Bee Company)
    – sprinkle of chopped walnuts.

    Vegetarian version: omit bacon – still just as wonderful

  2. Aaron Anderson says:

    Funny, the email submit button didn’t pop over to an actual email address, so perhaps my submission here will suffice. I call this one the Divis Devilish Diversion, or “the Diversion” for short:

    Use two thick slices of fresh Tartine Bread – (or whatever the customer wants). Add the following betwixt:
    – slather on the “Diversion Spread” immediately on both slices to coat the insides ( a combination of Rami’s Mommy’s spicy hummus blended with a small amount of sun dried tomato – heirloom if you can find it).
    – a thin slice or two of goat guda
    – The diversion meat – two super thin (but not razor) slices of local prosciutto
    – If vegetarian – the diversion veg – two or three thin slices of zucchini or if not in season heirloom carrots – preferably not orange.
    – main meat – slow roasted pork loin, thick cut
    – if veg – use a slow roasted squash cut thick as you would the pork, whatever is in season and most unusual
    – top with small dollops of watercress, sea salt and fresh ground pepper, and whatever other condiments the customer wants (but you really shouldn’t need much more)
    – Going “whole hog” would be to insert all the veg options in between the meat options, and then you have a meal!

  3. Zoe Byl says:

    Salty ginger sundae:
    Ginger ice cream, ginger snaps, sea salt, chocolate fudge, and whipped cream.

  4. Chris Powers says:

    The ‘Carnitas con queso’ sandwich

    Bread: not too thick, but somewhat wide chiabatta or similar.
    So, as to remain relatively ‘Torta-like’

    slow-cooked, fork-pulled and crispy….golden carnitas

    fontina or cheddar, …..then bread, meat & cheese on the hot panini press

    topped with:
    pickled mild hot peppers

    mashed avocado

    dash of green hot sauce

    enjoy –
    (as single tear of pure joy rolls down face)

  5. Thayer says:

    The Whole Shebang

    A sandwich substitute for any meal.

    Bread: thick hearty tartine bread

    Layered slices of cheddar cheese, and a bit of mozzarella for that gooey- melted feel

    Thick- cut applewood smoked bacon
    Tender Chicken Breast (or maybe turkey, I haven’t decided yet)
    Garlic Aioli
    And a fried egg to top it all off (this is why the bread needs to be thick enough to catch all the delish yolk drippings)

    For a vegetarian option, substitute sauteed wood-roasted crimini mushrooms, and a thick cut roasted butternut squash with a splash of balsamic. Leave out the cheddar cheese.

    BAM. Mind blown.

  6. martha keller says:

    Did you receive my suggestion list on Friday?

    Just wondering, because I don’t see it posted on the Responses>

    martha keller
    (415) 902-8130

  7. martha keller says:

    I am so looking forward to being able to ride the Fulton #5 to the new Bi-Rite.

    Your Divisadero customers like comfort food with choices. So, we would like our Divis menu to include:

    Sandwich: Egg Salad made with black olives and creamy mustard. Bread: Ciabatta or Rustic Deli Roll. Choice #1: with or without anchovies; Choice #2: with out without sardines.
    Sandwich: Short Ribs. Bread: Ciabatta or Rustic Deli Roll. Choice #1: Eric’s We Love Jam Barbecue Sauce; Choice#2: Horseradish aioli; Choice #3: Real sauerkraut or kohlrabi cole slaw, Choice #4 Fried onions with gravy. Arugula on all choices!
    Sandwich: Your 18th Street Hot Sandwiches with choices for those who love pork shoulder, meatballs and chicken, but who cannot tolerate chili flakes, chipotle and jalapeno.
    Little Sandwiches: St. Patrick’s Cowgirl Creamery Cheese on olive roll; dark-meat chicken salad with arugula on ciabatta or rustic deli roll; Grilled Eggplant with crispy parsley flakes on ciabatta or rustic deli roll and a choice of smoked mozzarella or feta or no cheese at all.
    Gooey Sundae: Real Vanilla Marshmallows, in chunks or syrupy, covered with dark chocolate sauce and thick caramel over caramel ice cream and topped with crushed macaroons.
    Nutritional Sundae: Organic Dutch Chocolate NuScoop covered with strong coffee and chopped almonds

    Martha Keller

  8. When I go to Bi-Rite I can’t help but feel somewhat nostalgic because “We all scream for ice cream” but this time instead of children going crazy for sweets we have everyone from their early 20’s to late 80’s lining up just to get their one scoop of honey lavender or balsamic strawberry.

    If I were to make a combination of the two I would make a donut ice cream sandwich or a donut injected with ice cream. All the flavors can range from a churro donut to li hing miu ice cream. Or you could have one called the “police officer” where you have a glazes donut with coffee ice cream in the middle.