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“What is THAT?” A Cheesy Comment Contest!


Nestled into our cheese counter, the sight of Abrigo, one of our favorite Spanish cheeses, will literally stop some of our guests in their tracks. Abrigo stands out among buttery yellow and straw-colored wheels and the occasional square, not just for it’s lively color but also for its unique shape. We’ve heard so many fun ideas about what Abrigo must be (my personal favorite is a Celtic spaceship!) that we decided to have a contest!

Let us know what YOU think Abrigo looks like, and you could win a custom Tapas Kit for Two!

prize tag (2)How to Enter:

Abrigo’s unique shape, like that of its sister cheese Tronchon, comes from the traditional volcano-shaped Maestrazgo mold used in cheesemaking. Its name, which means “coat” in Spanish, refers to the range of colorful white-to-gray-to black mold covering the rind. We give them a good scrub down before bringing them to the counter to cut.

Let us not focus solely on the aesthetic merits of this cheese, though, however spectacular they may be. The nose of this cheese is a bit mushroomy but gives way to a flaky well-balanced paste that dances between sweet and tangy with an earthy finish.