18th Street Block Party: Tickets, Pies and Countdown!

12….11….10….we’re ticking down the days until our 18th Street Block Party! Hope you’re planning to join us from 12-6 on Saturday, September 29th for all of the great food, drinks, music, games and more we have lined up on 18th Street between Dolores and Guerrero.

A few updates to share with you:

  • We’re selling tickets now so you can avoid waiting in line on the big day ($2/ticket, they come in books of  10 for $20). You’ll need tickets to buy any of the food and drink you find on the block, and one ticket book is probably the right amount for two people to eat and drink their way down the block. You can buy a book of tickets at the Market or Creamery, or online here. Remember, all money raised from ticket sales will be split between the six beneficiary organizations.
  • We’re taking entrants for our pie baking contest! Show us your sweet stuff: pies will be judged in four categories–fruit, chocolate, nut and other–by our own Anne and Kris from the Creamery, plus Leah Garchik from the San Francisco Chronicle. Share your talents with us by entering here. ($20 to enter, again all money raised goes to the  beneficiaries).
  • If you’d like to volunteer that day, or have any questions for the organizers, please drop us a line.

2 Responses to “18th Street Block Party: Tickets, Pies and Countdown!”

  1. Tif says:

    I’m gluten free. Is there any point in participating or will I be making an $18 donation because only $2 of food will be edible? (I have celiac disease; this is not what I’d call a choice.)

    • Kirsten says:

      Hi, there are actually a whole lot of gluten free food being served on the block that day! Pork or grilled squash tacos (on corn tortillas) from Regalito….Collard Greens and Grilled Corn from Delfina….Gluten free macaroni and cheese from Dolores Park Cafe…our own tomato gazpacho….and sweets like Kasa’s Mango Lassi and our Concord Grape popsicles! Hope to see you there…