Carrotmob: Funding Scholarships to All Plant Parts Summer Camp


What’s a Carrotmob?

It’s a “buycott” in which people spend money at a business and in exchange, that business takes an action that the people care about.

This week, Carrotmob is helping us create a scholarship program for at-risk and low-income kids to attend our All Plant Parts camp. Here’s the deal: If people buy Carrotmob vouchers to become members of 18 Reasons, we’ll dedicate 100% of the proceeds to fund camp scholarships to help kids learn about nutrition and create healthy meals.

Our 18 Reasons team is partnering with Slow Food SF and the Sanchez School for the second year of All Plant Parts Cooking and Gardening Camp to teach kids about healthy eating. All Plant Parts is an interactive program focusing on the science and art of growing and cooking edible plants. At camp, the kids will get their hands dirty, learning how to harvest veggies from the garden and prepare healthy meals. We’re proud of this partnership with these two organizations and Carrotmob, and think they’re great examples of how many facets of the food system in San Francisco can come together to make a difference.

You can buy a Carrotmob voucher now to become a member of 18 Reasons and help empower young people, regardless of background or financial ability, to learn the importance of eating well. As a member of 18 Reasons, you get access to our community offerings such as tastings and exhibitions by local artists, discounts to classes like beer brewing and cheesemaking, and special perks like gift cards to Bi-Rite Market & Creamery, Tartine Bakery, Pizzeria Delfina, and discounts at Dolores Park Café and other local businesses.

Join us this Thursday, April 4th from 6pm-10pm to celebrate this campaign at 18th Hour, and enjoy an evening of music, art, bites and drinks!

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