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Our Community

Our bottom line is multifaceted; it includes a better livelihood for farmers, a smaller environmental footprint, a living wage for our employees, and our own desire to support local non-profits, schools, artistic organizations and community groups.

Our Staff

Our staff gets excited when we perfect a salami recipe, tastes a new cheese made by a local dairy, or cuts into a juicy summer peach. We love to talk about food and share it with our guests, from how a product is made or grown to how it can be enjoyed in a dish. Our staff is the critical link between our guests and our producers and we spend lots of time teaching them about our values and why we do what we do.

Our Producers

We partner with farmers, ranchers, winemakers and other artisans of handmade food to ensure we provide the best products out there. In addition, we work with producers whose values align with ours. The fruits of their work are the ingredients that feed and sustain our community, and we are grateful for their stewardship.

Our Guests

We wouldn’t be here without our guests, who we learn from every day. When they walk in our door they are part of our family, and we’re conscientious of how we feed them. We are grateful for their support every day.

Our Environment

The environment is an important part of our community, on a global scale as well as a local one. Every decision we make has an effect, and we want it to be a positive one. Those decisions run the gamut from the producers we choose to work with to the way our staff arrives to work everyday (only a handful of our over 100 employees drive to work!). Since our inception, we’ve made decisions that minimize our impact on natural resources, including using “green” cleaning products and supplies, composting organic waste, and recycling everything we can. We are proud to be a San Francisco Green Business.

Serving our Community


18 Reasons

We founded 18 Reasons to connect our neighbors with the people who produce their food.  18 Reasons is an innovative community center that uses thought-provoking and fun programming to deepen our relationship to food and each other. We have a diverse calendar of events, with several classes, gatherings, and discussions happening each week.

Sponsorship and Donations

Our mission of Creating Community Through Food needs to extend beyond our four walls. We believe that it takes a village to make a community thrive. To that end, we support organizations that are working to strengthen our San Francisco community.

We cultivate meaningful relationships amongst our staff, guests, producers, and the broader community. The Bi-Rite Family is supported by the neighborhoods around it, and devotes substantial resources towards supporting local non-profits, schools, and artistic organizations.

How to request a donation from the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses

Community Groups We Support