Our Producers

Personal relationships are what brought each of us to food–from knowing our farmers on a first name basis, to sharing homemade meals with loved ones at the table. Not many grocers can say they are on a first-name basis with both their guests and the people behind the products on their shelves, but we can. Here’s a random smattering of our Market staff. Say hi when you see us in the store!

Our Producers

Ryan Farr, carcass on his shoulder

4505 Meats

Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats works directly with local farmers to source the highest quality meats for famous and local favorites like chicharrones and uncured hot dogs.

Baia Pasta - Dario and Renato

Baia Pasta

Renato Sardo and Dario Barbone of Baia Pasta realized that the only dried pasta they could find in the States was bland, made with industrial flours, and not very flavorful - so they started an artisan American pastasciutta company in Oakland using organic flours from North America and and brass-cut dies.

Bi-Rite Public Label Jam - Shakirah Simley

Bi-Rite Public Label Jams

Shakirah Simley combines her New Yorker obsession with quality, the bounty of the Bay Area and a hint of Italian flair into jams and preserves for Bi-Rite’s Public Label.

BN Ranch - Bill Niman

BN Ranch

Bill Niman of BN Ranch raises the finest grass-fattened beef around (big hint: it’s seasonal!) as well as the heritage and broad breasted turkeys we offer for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Gulfish - Jim Galle


Our sustainable seafood purveyor Jimmy “The Shrimp” Galle of Gulfish brings southern hospitality to new heights in his support of fellow Gulf fishermen, and Monday night meals to San Francisco’s neediest.

Kalona Supernatural - Bill Evans

Kalona Supernatural

Bill Evans’ Kalona Supernatural is an outstanding organic line of cream-top milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and sour cream using dairy from small, sustainable Midwest farms, mostly run by Amish and Mennonite farmers who tend herds of no more than 35 cows.

kathleen della fattoria

Kathleen, Della Fattoria

Amazing Bread!
Petaluma, CA

La Quercia - Kathy and Herb

La Quercia

Herb and Kathy Eckhouse, founders of Iowa-based La Quercia, promote life, liberty and the prosciutto of happiness with their lovingly-made Americano cured meats.

Marc Alder Lane

Marc, Alder Lane Farm

Eggs, Apples, Vegetables
Cotati, CA (Sonoma County)

Marchini Ranch - Peaches

Marchini Ranch

The farmers at Marchini Ranch painstakingly grow uber-sweet “mountain” stone fruit at 2,800 ft. elevation in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Noosa Yoghurt - Paul Mathewson

Noosa Yoghurt

Australian brothers Grant and Paul Mathewson of Noosa Yoghurt now have a legion of dairy devotees with their line of addictively creamy, naturally delicious Aussie-style yogurts made at family-owned and operated Morning Fresh Dairy in Bellvue, Colorado.

Olympic-Provisions- Staff

Olympic Provisions

Elias and Michelle Cairo of Olympic Provisions in Portland, OR bring old-world style cured meats to new world plates with tender, flavorful pork salumi.

Pyramid Valley Vineyards - Mike and Claudia Weersing

Pyramid Valley Vineyards

Mike and Claudia Weersing of Pyramid Valley in New Zealand, go beyond the kiwi status quo of Sauvignon Blanc with their excellent (and biodynamic!) Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Ryme Cellars - Megan and Ryan Glaab

Ryme Cellars

Husband and wife winemaking team Ryan and Megan Glaab of Ryme Cellars in Healdsburg may compromise on some things, but never on quality with their aromatic Vermentino and elegant Cabernet Sauvignon.

Skyhill Farms logo

Skyhill Farms

The team at Skyhill Farms keeps it mighty fresh with artisanal goat cheese delivered to us within 3 days of being made in nearby Napa.

Sunbud Bakery - Atsuko Watanabe

Sunbud Bakery

Bi-Rite regular and newbie producer Atsuko Watanabe of Sunbud Bakery churns out gluten-free buckwheat cookies into nutty, earthy, toasty goodness in San Francisco.


Tom, Monterey Fish

Monterey, CA

Tomatero Farms - Farmer Chris

Tomatero Farms

Farmer Chris does awesome job growing our staple crops at Tomatero Farm in Watsonville, including his famously delicious dry farmed early girl tomatoes!

Yerena Farms-Poli and Berta

Yerena Farms

Poli Yerena and his sons at Yerena Farms grow incredible raspberries and heirloom corn off the coast of Monterey Bay.