Digesting our Fall Staff Dinners

Don’t see any better way to share what makes our fall staff dinners so special than telling it straight from the horse’s mouth. Sam cooked dinner for all of our hundred-plus Market and Creamery staff over the course of several Mondays this fall–always with a steady flow of wine. Here’s what some of us had to say about it:

“Drink in hand, I walk into that vast space of sheen and awe, the kitchen. Sam’s there tossing together the remainder of the meal, doing it oh so effortlessly, as he does with everything. He turns to me and asks how I came to where I am, why food. Sam always manages to take time to know the people who help make it all happen. There is nothing quite like the Bi-Rite family and all of the relationships we build together. As for the food, his risotto is out of this world. Its the lightest and most perfectly seasoned risotto that I’ve ever tasted.” –Jaymi (produce)

“The annual staff dinners are the epitome of why working at Bi-Rite is extraordinary. Whenever I get to brag about how much we all love each other, how well we’re treated and how well we’re fed, this is my favorite story to tell. It’s amazing too because it’s OUR produce! Simon grows it, and Sam cooks it. Sam is not just a pro, he cooks with love!” –Rebecca (cashier)

“I spend all year thinking about Sam’s carrot salad that appears at the staff dinner. I love that Sam gets so emotional about having the staff all together and celebrating food that he can hardly give his toast. It’s so inspiring to eat food that was grown on Bi-Rite’s farm. You can’t get more local than that. I love hanging out with people from all different departments.”–Alli (grocery)

“Always an honor to gather together with the family, the passionate folks I truly respect….to open yourself up, like a fine wine….a little chance to breathe and hit full flavor.  As for the chef, the food, the space, the farm, the preparation, the service, the celebration…has always felt so right”– Matt (produce)

“I have never lived in such a “melting pot”, with so many unique and amazing people, delicious foods, and a backdrop unlike any other; this city is truly one of a kind. Nor have I ever had the pleasure of working with the “cream of the crop”. I am amazed by the wealth of knowledge, passion for food, and unwavering kindness that the staff provides on a daily basis for the guests of the market. The opportunity to sit down at a table and share an incredible meal, lovingly prepared by a most genuine soul, surrounded by these people was an absolute honor!”–Jon (cashier)

“There are so many great things about staff dinner — it’s fun, it’s delicious, and it’s amazing to share a family-style dinner with co-workers who really feel like family. But above all, it is truly an honor to be fed by Sam. Not only is his cooking phenomenal, it’s also overflowing with such sincere gratitude, big-heartedness and love.”–Maria (grocery)

“As a brand new employee to Bi-Rite this experience was the ultimate welcome to the team. Seeing Sam cook for everyone and walk around excited to see us being the ones fed was a really humbling experience. And to taste the quality of food and the amount of food and wine was mind blowing. Really showed how much the staff of Bi-Rite means to Sam and to Bi-Rite as a whole. It was also a wonderful experience because everyone who works at Bi-Rite is really fun and full of character. The Rum punch was delicious! Oh and the dish with the peppers…and the pasta…i could go on…”–Sarah (cheese)

“Dinner made with love, enjoyed with beautiful people, and served with a seemingly endless supply of beverages, two of which were hand-crafted by Michael and Linh. All of the components for a truly memorable evening!”–Tina (catering)

“I love serving the staff dinner. I like giving back to staff since they all help out 18 Reasons so often. I like seeing them put their feet up, drink a glass (or 20! ) of wine and just relax as friends. It is amazing to help make that happen.”–Rosie (18 Reasons)

“The staff dinner is so special for me because it not only gives us a chance to enjoy Sam’s delicious cooking and learn about his family’s recipes, but it is a time specifically allocated for all of us to come together to learn more about each other. It is so fun to be sitting next to someone that embraces the same passion and excitement of what Bi-Rite is and what it means for our community, while learning more about their own specific passion and what specifically brought us all together to make-up the Bi-Rite family.”  –Kylene (cashier)

“Sam truly knows how to bring people together and have them socialize on another level. The food was great, as well as the conversation, music and art. I really appreciate the fact that Sam gets satisfaction out of pleasing others and not just himself. It really proves to me that Bi-Rite is very family (community) oriented. I loved the carrots in tahini but I was in love with the Creamery’s mint chocolate ice cream cake. Thanks everybody and shouts to Sam and Morgan for cooking a great dinner. Spread the love.” –Asif (grocery)

“Socializing makes me nervous.  Bosses make me nervous….I peek into the kitchen and see a few platters of food waiting to go out.  Calvin is helping Sam with stuff.  He greets me with that wonderful smile and hello of his and thanks me for making it.  I tell him, ‘Thank You! for this!’  I am so humbled to see the two of them working their buns off for all of us.  Sam notices me as he takes a moment away from whatever is bubbling on the stove and roughly goes through all the hostly greetings that Calvin just did.  Again i say thanks.  He sees the beer in my hand, grabs his own, and comes over to clink bottles with me.  I liked that.  I respect the hardworking blue collar sensibility that our place has.”–Yayoi (grocery)

Thank you, Sam!

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