Ever Wonder Where We Got the Name for 18 Reasons?

Have you ever wondered where the name 18 Reasons came from? Weathered San Francisco Mission residents  might remember a sign above the space that is now Thrift Town (formerly Redlick’s Furniture) that simply, and mysteriously, stated: 17 Reasons.  Turns out, there were no reasons and the sign was a gimmick to bring customers into the store. The sign was torn down in 2002, but up until that point had been a landmark in the Mission District. The sign is even featured in Nathaniel Dorsky’s 1987 underground film 17 Reasons, and the play 17 Reasons (Why) produced by Intersection for the Arts in 2002.

So what about our space? It all started with Cliff Leonardi and Dan DiPasquo, active members of the 18th-and-Guerrero community, who set out to create a workplace, event venue, and gallery in the neighborhood. They dubbed the little storefront at 593 Guerrero Street “Blue Space” and happily carried out their mission until 2007, when Cliff and his family left for the arguably greener pastures of Portland. To mark the change in the gallery’s management and pay tribute to this much-missed icon, we decided to rechristen the space as 18 Reasons. 18 because of 18th Street, and because…well, it never hurts to have one more reason.

San Francisco-based food and beverage photographer Scott Peterson captured images of that old sign–seventeen of them, in fact. Scott is a long time San Francisco resident, artist, musician and food lover. His work will be on display in the gallery for the month of August, come to an event and take a look!

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