Kiko’s Food News: 9.14.12

“Feeding someone is about as close as you can get without having sex with them”–Sam gave his TEDx talk about how prioritizing relationships over profit has led to Bi-Rite’s success:

The New York City Board of Health unanimously voted to approve Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed ban on sugary drinks larger than 16 oz at restaurants, movie theaters and more; it will take effect next March: (full story, CNN)

And starting Monday, McDonalds will post calorie counts on every menu board and drive-through sign at their over 14,000 U.S. locations! (full story, Los Angeles Times)

The organic label’s place in our food decision making process is a complicated one; this article tackles the confusing bundle of values shoppers must weigh in the cluttered grocery aisle: (full story, New York Times)

Food co-ops are making big changes since the origin of their movement in the 1970’s, in response to the growth of Whole Foods and other organic and specialty-food giants opening stores across the U.S.: (full story, Washington Post)

Nicholas Kristof took a break from international coverage to visit with a dairy farmer friend in his hometown; he learned about the movement to get cows out of confinement and back on the land, and the philosophy that cows are a team member–not an object to be exploited: (full story, New York Times)

The State Department is deploying an elite force of 80 top chefs from across the U.S. as the first-ever American Chef Corps; the group, which includes Jose Andres, Ming Tsai, and Rick Bayless, will be called on to prepare state dinners, travel abroad or host culinary experts from around the world: (full story, NPR)

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