Urban Farming: What Is It Good For?

Is it possible to feed a city from within its own borders, or is large scale agriculture the way to feed the world? With San Francisco’s new Urban Agriculture policy approved and $120,000 earmarked in the city budget for an Urban Agriculture plan, this questions is sure to evoke many responses.

On one hand, since it’s not possible to feed entire cities solely from within, large scale production outside of urban areas is the practical solution. On the other hand, there is more to urban ag than simply growing, processing and distributing food within an urban environment. There are educational, community, and health benefits that food trucked in from even just outside the city limits cannot replace. And what about “peri-urban” farming?

To help work our way through this thorny debate, 18 Reasons is hosting Jason Marks from Alemany Farm for a dinner conversation on Wednesday, August 1st. Over a vegetarian dinner sourced from Alemany Farm, we’ll discuss  the implications of large-scale agriculture, limiting food deserts, building community, and environmental education.

Alemany Farm is an urban farm located in San Francisco that grew from a dumping ground and now encompasses 4.5 acres. The farm is volunteer-run and produces up to 200 pounds of produce every week. Jason Mark, one of the managers and farmers of Alemany Farm, is also a writer for the Earth Island Journal.

Click here for more information and tickets for the event.



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