Announcing Sean Thackrey’s Cassiopeia Project Pre-Order

If you’ve ever delved a little bit deeper into the world of wine, you may have heard about various grape “clones” used in the winemaking process. Even for single varietal wines like Pinot Noir, viticulturalists choose from a dozen or more slightly different clones when planting a vineyard. The resulting wines are therefore blends of different clones which the winemaker assembles in various proportions depending on the characteristics sought in the final product.

Sean Thackrey, the winemaking maverick behind the popular Pleiades blend, wants to invite wine drinkers to explore this clonal selection process that was once privy only to winemakers or those lucky enough to attend a barrel tasting. His Cassiopeia Project is an ambitious 6-bottle set of Pinot Noirs showcasing individual clones from the River Block at Wentzel Vineyard, an organically farmed site in Anderson Valley. Included in the set are 4 bottles of different Pinot Noir clones and 2 bottles of the final Vineyard Blend. Though the Vineyard Blend will eventually be available individually, the only way to taste the clone bottlings is through this 6-pack. This is a fascinating and rare opportunity to explore the different clonal expressions of Pinot Noir and to get a peak into the inner workings of the winemaking process. Normally $50 per bottle, we’re offering this 6-pack for only $250. That’s getting one bottle for free! 

2010 Sean Thackrey “Cassiopeia” Pinot Noir 6 Pack  –  $250 + tax 

  • Clone 114
  • Clone 115
  • Clone 667
  • Clone 777
  • 2 bottles of the final Vineyard Blend

All four Dijon Clones were planted in the summer of 2001. Root stocks, trellising, soil composition, and cellar treatments were identical to maximize the individual expression of each clone. During our staff tasting, we were surprised by the differences apparent in each of the clonal bottlings. While each retained its identity as distinctly Pinot Noir, there were different levels of acidity, fruit presence, and other secondary nuances in all four clones. The tasting provoked a lively discussion among the wine team over our individual favorites in the lineup; we’d love to hear about your experiences once you’ve tasted through these amazing wines!

Cassiopeia 6-packs can be purchased any of the following ways:

1. Email me with your name, phone number, and number of 6-packs desired.

2. Call the store at 415.241.9760 and ask to speak with a member of the wine team.

3. Come visit us in person and order with a wine specialist.

All orders must be placed by Friday, July 20th and will be available for pick up after Wednesday, July 25th.  

One Response to “Announcing Sean Thackrey’s Cassiopeia Project Pre-Order”

  1. Tasted all of these recently and 667 is my favorite but they all are yummy and have a wondrous silky texture that runs sensuously over your tongue. This winemaker is fantastic and the Cassiopeia Project is fascinating. Plan to write a post about it soon.