Better Than a Tie: What to Give Dad on Sunday

We have a whole lot of dads on staff here at Bi-Rite (Sam our owner, Eddy our chef, Raph our grocery buyer, Simon our produce buyer, Chili our butcher…the list goes on!) so it’s in all of our best interest to come up with delicious Father’s Day ideas. Here are some of our recommendations based on what our own dads would be excited to open up this Sunday, June 17th. Love you, dad!

For the curious dad, here are three classes coming up at 18 Reasons; whether it’s tasting, chopping or brewing, there’s lots for dad to learn:

For the thirsty dad, Trac’s recommended wine, beer and spirits fit for the occasion:

  • Ryme Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon: Trac shared the Ryme Cellars story on our blog
  • Pepiere Muscadet “Clisson”: our current Loire Valley favorite
  • Russian River’s Pliney The Elder Imperial IPA: Respect your Elder!!
  • Hooker’s Bourbon: born in Kentucky and matured in Sonoma Valley
  • Luxardo Cherries: kick his Manhattan up a notch
  • Mariquita Farms Pickled Green Garlic: Part of our new Gleaning Project, these can take dad’s martini to a whole new level (shout out to my own dad, whose invention of a “vegan martini”, i.e. martini with as many pickled vegetables as can be wedged into the glass, never ceases to please!)

For the hungry dad, some winners from our grocery shelves:

  • Paulie’s Pickling: if dad’s a sourpuss type he’ll love these pickles from the Bernal-based cali-jewish deli
  • Olli Salame: stick a chub in your hiking pack and pull dad up the trail
  • Ramona Bar: like the Snickers dad’s been eating since childhood, but made in Oakland with Venezuelan chocolate instead of that waxy stuff!
  • SFQ BBQ Sauce: If you haven’t had a chance to meet Michelle in front of the market sampling her lip-smacking sauce, do your dad a favor and pick up a jar
  • Large bags of 4505 Chicharrones: A manly-sized bag of pork skins for a manly dad
  • Just Cook spice rubs: Less time preparing, more time grubbing!
  • Wrecking Ball Coffee: Newest addition to our coffee section, and made by a dad 🙂
  • Southpaw Kitchen Mostardo: For the dad on a mission, made at La Cocina
  • The last time bro, sis & I were all home with dad (photo taken at 6 am!)

One Response to “Better Than a Tie: What to Give Dad on Sunday”

  1. Randy Bourne says:

    So many cute ideas…..but don’t forget the party hats!