Cellar It!

Now is the perfect time to start building your wine collection for 2012. We know it’s hard to put wine away, but we must tell you it’s totally worth it. We have many age-worthy wines here at Bi-Rite that won’t break the bank and will knock your socks off 10 years down the road.

Here’s what we suggest: Buy two bottles of the same wine. Open one now; enjoy it while it’s young and fresh. Take a few notes and then lay down the other bottle. Be patient. We know it’s hard! Once you feel the time is right, pop open the other bottle. You will experience how the wine has taken on a different personality. Here are a couple of wines that we think will age with grace:

2008 Francois Pinon Vouvray “Silex Noir” Loire, France $19.99

The wines of François Pinon are considered some of the finest wines of Vouvray. François, a former child psychologist, took over the estate from his father in 1987, and has steadily made a name for the estate over the past 10 years. He is a serious winemaker whose main focus is “to keep the typicity of both the appellation and the vintage” in all his wines. The soil of his vineyards are clay and silica on a base of limestone (tuffeau) with flint (silex). Pinon follows a discipline of plowing the vineyards, not using chemical fertilizers and pesticides and, of course, harvesting by hand and uses no cultured yeasts.  It is impressively concentrated, with honeysuckle and citrus, along with more notes of smoke, oyster shell and white flowers. Cellar it!

2008 Eva Fricke “Seligmacher” Riesling Rheingau, Germany $24.99

Eva Fricke is the cellar master for Joannes Leitz, a very well respected winery throughout Germany. Eva is a young and ambitious winemaker who strives for perfection in all her wines. This is her single vineyard Riesling that is bone-dry and has a beautiful balance between acid and ripeness.  With notes of apricots, lemons, thyme and touch of mint, the wine finishes with dried citrus fruits and a creamy texture.  Cellar it!

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