Gifting Your Way Into Their Heart

We’re traditionalists when it comes to a lot of things–we think bread, cheese, wine, meat and pretty much everything else tastes best when it’s done how they did it centuries ago! Valentine’s Day seems to be no exception, as our buyers have worked with our producers to bring in quite a lineup of gifts that fall into the classic Valentine’s trio: chocolates, wine and flowers. I got the low down on their slam dunk gift ideas for next Tuesday.

If chocolate is the way to their heart….

Masion Bouche Lettres d’Amour

Masion Bouche Lettres d’Amour: Be still my tiny heart!  Petite palpitations en papier!  This collection (available in dark or milk chocolate) includes four mini-chocolate bars each of Fleur de Sel, Pomme d’Amour and Fruit de la Passion, nestled in a red heart embossed box.

Maison Bouche's Oiseau d’Amour

Maison Bouche’s Oiseau d’Amour: This fleur de sel chocolate lovebird nests happily in a gilded cage. With hand-painted details including feathers, eyes and mouth, this lovely bird stands 2 inches tall by 2 1/2 inches wide.

Michael Recchiuti Wine Pairing Box: An experiential gift for chocolate and wine enthusiasts, this box contains chocolates carefully selected by Michael Recchiuti to pair with his suggested red wines.  Includes three pieces each of star anise & pink peppercorn, spring jasmine tea, and force noir along with pairing notes.

Recchiuti's Champagne Truffles

Michael Recchiuti Champagne Truffles: These are the creamiest dark chocolate truffles, perfumed with Schramsberg Blanc de Noirs from Napa Valley and finished with just a kiss of confectioner’s sugar.

Michael Mischer 6-piece Truffle Box: We love Michael Mischer’s elegant truffles!  A box of six of his most popular, irresistible salted caramel hearts will melt the heart of the one you love.

A Perfect Michael Mischer Salted Caramel Heart

Socola Aphrodite’s Delight: Socola’s sassy two sister operation is offering up chocolate love (made in SF, as always) with their “Aphrodite’s Delight” truffles of champagne with raspberries and burnt caramel, available in a 4-piece or 12-piece box.

Kika’s Treats Mini-Grahams: Kika’s making her dark chocolate-covered caramelized grahams in perfect bite-sized nibbles, decorated with a mini-heart motif for Valentine’s day.

If wine is the way to their heart….

Try the vinous version of a bouquet of roses! The 2008 Luciano Landi Lacrima di Morro d’Alba ($19.99) from the Marche region of Italy is a vibrant red wine with explosively aromatic scents of rose petals, lavender, and blueberry with layers of ripe red fruits. It’s great with game birds like duck or quail.

One of Shoe Shine Wine's new LGBT labels--celebrating all loving couples!

Or raise your glass to celebrate LGBT relationships with Justice Grace Vineyards’ hand-crafted Shoe Shine Wine Petite Sirahs, with new labels proudly featuring all loving couples. Shoe Shine Wine’s original label, “straight kiss” features a young woman and man leaning in for an embrace. One of the new LGBT labels, “male tango,” portrays two men dancing, their black dress shoes gracefully intertwined. The other new label, “female footsie,” depicts two women in a flirtatious moment.

And if flowers are the way to their heart….

We’ll have local roses from Neve Bros. in Petaluma, and our in house florist Irma will be making fresh bouquets all weekend long to prepare for the big day! Simon also wanted me to add that his favorite saying of the season, “I WANNA KISHU!”, sounds especially good on V-day (and kishu mandarins are in full force right now). Who needs rose petals? Lure them to the romance with a trail of kishus!

Stay tuned for our special Valentine’s Menu, which our kitchen will be serving Saturday through Tuesday…

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