It’s Time: Bi-Rite Divis Opens March 13th!

birite-divis-logoRefrigerators delivered: check

Divis Sandwich and Sundae contest  entries in: check

60 new staff members hired: check (almost)!

Guess this leaves only one thing…Opening March 13th!

divis team floor

Pre-opening Divis staff meeting

We can’t even wait to open our doors at 550 Divisadero (at Hayes). Just like our 18th Street Market, Divis will be open every day from 9am-9pm and will be a one-stop shop for farm direct produce, a full-service butcher counter, deli with prepared foods from our on-site kitchen, natural wine & spirits, fresh bread, local dairy… and of course important doodads like toilet paper and deodorant.

shak its time

It’s time!

What took us so long? We renovated and retrofitted the interior of the building –which was one of the original Safeways—while taking care to preserve the art deco façade. And we’re upping the ante from our 18th St. Market: Divis has an old world style cut-to-order cheese counter and an ice cream scoop shop right inside (yes, Sam’s sundae with chocolate ice cream, Maldon sea salt, bergamot olive oil and whipped cream will be here)!

We hope you’re ready to give us feedback on what dishes and items you love and what we can do better, so we can evolve together. We’ve got a 30 year lease, so we’re planning to be around for a while and we look forward to feeding the neighborhood for years.

Big thanks to our new neighbors for weathering the construction. And thanks to everyone who has already made us feel welcome—from the other Divisadero Merchants to school and church leaders from the Western Addition, Haight, Fillmore, and Hayes Valley neighborhoods that so richly intersect here!facade feb



4 Responses to “It’s Time: Bi-Rite Divis Opens March 13th!”

  1. dlatimer says:

    Congratulations Bi-Rite on your richly deserved success and expansion! It couldn’t happen to a more admirable and amazing organization. And Pat…well, you know…xo D$

  2. Pat Smyklo says:

    Hello… I have a friend that has been helping homeless people for more than fourteen years in Oakland. He is struggling to find enough food to feed around fifty people every night. Another friend and I worked on getting him a nonprofit.
    I am a little confused. I googled trying to find gleaned food and read about Trader Joe’s and other people involved in giving quality food at a lower price.
    Is there any chance that you might be able to donate to our nonprofit? i CAN send the website later and the tax i.d. number.
    We have been able to get some bread and bakery goods, but could use vegetables or protein products. Please do email me back. Pat.

  3. our office is a block away – we cannot wait!

  4. DanaKMofo says:

    Congratulations, Patrick, Anthea, and the whole Bi-Rite team on your success. The Bay Area contingent of the Monforton family is certainly among your clientele– and they are grateful. I can’t wait to get back to SF. (That Sam’s sundae sounds lethally awesome.) Best wishes for what’s to come.