Josh Adler: Wine Importer

Josh in his Bi-Rite days

If you’ve received our wine newsletter for more than than 3 years, you most likely joined the list because of the work of Josh Adler, former Bi-Rite wine buyer and current wine director at Spring Restaurant and Boutique in Paris. Despite his current locale, Josh is still a part of the Bi-Rite family and we’re beaming with pride to present his latest venture, wine importing! If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit Spring Boutique in Paris then you know about the incredible wine selection Josh has cultivated there, a virtual treasure trove of French wines including numerous producers currently unavailable in the US. Josh is trying to change that by taking matters into his own hands and importing a select few labels exclusively to Bi-Rite. His inaugural releases are a pair of wines from Clos Saint Fiacre in Orléans, a tiny appellation in the Loire Valley.

Clos Saint Fiacre is a small family domaine run by Bénédicte and Hubert Piel; Hubert is unusual among vignerons in that he is a self-confessed wine fanatic whose knowledge of wines outside of his own domaine is extensive. In fact, Hubert calls many of the top winemakers in France close friends. This connoisseurship is reflected in the impeccably made wines of Clos Saint Fiacre, easily the leading domaine in the Orléans AOC.

2011 Clos Saint Fiacre Orléans Chardonnay – $14.99  
Our love of un-oaked chardonnay is no secret, so when Josh tasted us on this crisp, clean white, it was a no-brainer. Filled with intense aromas of green mango, citrus, and chalk, this zesty chardonnay possesses flavors of tart tropical fruits, herbs, and minerals. If you’re a fan of old-school Chablis, you’ll love this refreshing chardonnay.
 Perfect Pairing:  Grilled sardines with lemon  

2010 Clos Saint Fiacre Orléans Pinot Meunier / Pinot Noir  –  $14.99 
Pinot Meunier is better known as the third grape of Champagne, often relegated to an afterthought next to the more celebrated Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. When vinified as a dry red wine, however, Pinot Meunier can be a fascinating experience for the adventurous wine drinker. A blend of 80% Pinot Meunier and 20% Pinot Noir, this light red has elegant aromas of red currants and herbs and flavors of spicy red fruits with soft tannins.
Perfect Pairing: Seared ahi tuna with ginger and scallions  


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