June Wine Classes to Quench Your Thirst

The Wine Blitz at Bi-Rite last week got us all pumped up about summer drinking! This June we have three spectacular classes that will help us find just the right bottles for our picnics, bbqs, and long summer dinners. During these classes you’ll taste the mountains, meet the winemaker and prep for the summer holidays!

Tuesday June 6th we have cheese writer and blogger extraordinaire Kirstin Jackson with us to lecture and taste through mountain wines and cheeses from California to Italy. We’ll learn the real meaning behind terroir and delight our palates along the way. The cheeses will be vibrant, the wines will be weird, and the class will be delicious. Tickets and more information here.

Tuesday June 12th we’ll host an organic wine tasting with French Winemaker Coralie Delecheneau along with Jeff Viera from Farm Wine Imports. Coralie will guide you through a tasting of  six beautiful french wines, tell her story and discuss the beauty and importance behind growing grapes organically. Tickets and more information here.

And finally, the end of June means it’s almost July 4th! Tuesday, June 26th, 18 Reasons veteran wine instructor Pamela Busch will be here to taste through Rosés and get you ready for the summer months. San Francisco might not be the warmest in the summer but we can still drink like it is! The Rosés will be tasted blind, allowing us to taste without preconceptions. These wines love food and are great values. Tickets and more information here.


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