My new favorite place: Rosé City

We’ve all waited patiently through this record breaking wet winter for our favorite time of year – the release of the 2010 rosés! While we agree in spirit with hard-core rosé advocates who assert that there really is no such thing as rosé season (they should be enjoyed year round!) its hard not to get excited for the arrival of the new vintage when the wines are at their most vibrant. I’ve brought back some new labels along with old favorites and re-established the municipality of Rosé City, just east of the soft cheese case. Our cheese buyer Anthea has also picked out the perfect rosé cheese to transport you to the Mediterranean without the jet lag!

2010 Edmunds St. John “Bone Jolly” Gamay Rosé, $17.99
Edmunds St. John was one of the pioneering wineries in California to begin making wine with Rhone varietals. More recently they have championed Gamay Noir, the noble grape of Beaujolais, in addition to Syrah and Grenache. They’ve even gone so far as to make a rosé with Gamay, a rare occurrence even in France! Their 2010 bottling is stunning, with tart raspberry and watermelon rind flavors followed by a dry, mineral finish. Great with tacos, roast pork shoulder, mussels, hamburgers, steamed dumplings or just about anything else you like to eat!

2010 Domaine de la Fouquette Côtes de Provence Rosé, $15.99

One of our favorite rosés every year, Fouquette’s Côtes de Provence is the quintessential southern French rosé. Fouquette’s vineyards are located in the heart of Provence among the Massif des Maures mountains, where they work with a typical blend of grapes including Grenache and Cinsault, but with the addition of the white grape Rolle, also called Vermentino. This adds a pinch of minerallity and acidity which highlights the strawberry, herbal, and savory notes from the red grapes. Perfect for all occasions, you’ll find that this rosé can roll with just about any cuisine you can throw its way, but also pairs perfectly with a beach blanket.

Fleur Vert Goat’s Milk Cheese
Fleur Vert (green flower) is a fresh, rind-less goat’s milk cheese covered in herbs and peppercorns. The cheese is delightfully spongy in texture with mild tangy and sweet flavors that aren’t overpoweringly “goaty”. The herbs perfectly complement the creaminess of the cheese and make this the perfect pairing for minerally, herbaceous rosés from Provence like the Fouquette.

As always, there’s a 10% discount when you buy 6 bottles or more and free delivery in San Francisco when you purchase 12 bottles or more.

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