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Stock Up On Champagne At Our Holiday Wine Blitz!

Today marks the 79th anniversary of the signing of the 21st Amendment, which as you may know repealed the 18th Amendment, effectively ending Prohibition!! How are we going to celebrate? By officially kicking off our final 2012 Wine Blitz tomorrow!

This is the perfect chance to stock up on bubbly for New Years and gift bottles for all those wine lovers in your life. Whether it be wine for the seasoned wine collector, Champagne for a 2013 toast, or simply a host or hostess gift for a holiday party, we’ve got you covered. Grab these while you can:

2010 Cedric Bouchard Inflorescence Champagne  –  $64.99; Blitz Pricing  –  $51.99

What’s the difference between grower Champagne and a Champagne house? Well as the term suggests, grower Champagnes actually have their own vineyards and grow the grapes that go into their wines. While this may seem commonplace, it’s actually a rarity these days. Most large Champagne houses (Vueve Cliquot, Moët et Chandon, etc.) purchase their grapes from other growers. However, more and more growers are going independent and doing it really well! Cedric Bouchard’s name is now synonymous with some of the highest quality grower Champagne coming out of France. He’s known for going against the grain by not using any wood aging, not fining, not filtering, using no dosage, and bottling only single-vineyard, single-varietal Champagnes – all anomalies in Champagne. The Inflorescence is 100% Pinot Noir from a small 1.5 hectare plot and is immensely complex. Beautiful floral aromas give way to mouthwatering minerality and a soft yet crisp texture. This bottling could definitely be drunk now, but will only get better with age and is available in very limited quantities!

Perfect Pairing: Honey glazed beet and burrata crostini

2011 Arnot-Roberts Santa Cruz Chardonnay  –  $29.99; Blitz Pricing  –  $23.99

Winemaking duo Duncan Arnot Meyers and Nathan Lee Roberts have quickly made a name for themselves as some of the best natural winemakers in California. Avid cyclists, they’ve biked all over California in search of the most unique vineyard sites, choosing smaller, cooler-climate, single-varietal lots. Nathan is a second generation cooper (barrel maker) and hand crafts all the Franch oak barrels they use for aging the wines. They have strong relationships with the farmers of their vineyard sites and are committed to organic farming, using native yeasts, and minimal additions of sulfur. The wines speak for themselves and this Chardonnay from a cool plot in the Santa Cruz Mountains could easily be mistaken for Chablis. Fermented in stainless steel and aged in neutral French oak, this wine has crisp lemon and lime notes with a long minerally finish. Drinkable now, but also suitable for a wine collector to lay down. Oh, and they only made 12 barrels of it!

Perfect Pairing: Fresh dungeness crab, frisée, and watermelon radish salad


2011 Marcel Lapierre Morgon  –  $29.99; Blitz Pricing  –  $23.99
I’ll give a gold star to anyone who knows exactly how many times I’ve mentioned Marcel Lapierre in a newsletter, as it’s probably been a lot! And for good reason – Marcel Lapierre was one of the most influential winemakers in Beaujolais in the last century. He’s responsible for mentoring and influencing the next generation of producers now on the forefront of natural winemaking in France. His methods, at the same time revolutionary and traditional, call for using only old vines farmed organically or biodynamically, rigorously sorting the grapes, and using minimal to no sulfur. Sadly, Marcel passed away at the end of the 2010 harvest, leaving the estate to his son Mathieu, whose been active in the family winemaking for a number of years now. This Morgon comes from 60 year old vines on granite soils. It’s had extended aging on the lees in old oak barrels. Bright floral and cherry aromas are followed flavors of cranberry, minerals, and a silky texture. Again – drinkable now or age-able!

Perfect Pairing: Herb crusted pork loin with cranberry chutney


Cheese of the Week: Redwood Hill Farm’s Cameo

Gift giving doesn’t only have to be about wine! Redwood Hill Farm’s Cameo is a soft ripened goat’s milk cheese in the style style of Camembert, artfully topped with peppercorns and lemon verbena. This small 8-ounce wheel is the perfect size to gift, and the creamy, oozy paste is pleasantly sweet with a touch of peppery and tangy flavors. We have it available in half or whole wheels. Come by and ask us for a taste!

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