The Linden Street Brewery Growlers are Here!

Did you know that Oakland was once famous as a mega-player in the national brewing scene, with over 40+ breweries pumping out beers for their residents? The beers they were making were unique to the Bay Area and truly a fresh, local, and artisan product. With this in mind,  Adam Lamoreaux founded Linden Street Brewery in 2009 to recapture a lost Oakland tradition.

Looking like a proud father

BFB: Brewery Fresh Beer

The brewery is situated in a historic 1890’s brick warehouse in the Port of Oakland, where Adam is tasked with leading this Oakland beer renaissance. Adam’s beers are a brewed in tribute to the styles and brewing methods that originated in the Bay Area during the Gold Rush days. He uses lager yeasts but ferments at warmer ale temperatures, just like the early immigrant gold seekers trying to recreate European lagers in the warm Bay Area climate. What’s emerged is their first and flagship beer, the Urban People’s Common Lager. It’s malt forward with a nice hop finish, naturally carbonated and unfiltered; the Common Lager bursts onto the palate with a crispness and freshness that screams “handmade in small batches!”

Linden Street Brewery is committed to serving its local community so it’s only been available on draft at restaurants (in SF you can find it at Delfina, Flour & Water, Range, Piccino and some other greats). That is, until now.  We’ve partnered up with Adam and Linden Street to bring you the Urban People’s Common Lager, fresh brewed and delivered twice a week to maintain the freshness.

I used to live in Oakland and have always admired Linden Street beers and their mission; now I’m very proud to be able to offer it at Bi-Rite.

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