The Return of 18th Street Barbera

We’re excited to welcome back one of our old favorite 18th Street Wines, the 18th Street Barbera! After about a year hiatus, our house label Barbera has returned in a new 2010 vintage. This brings us to a total of 3 white and 4 reds in our custom wine portfolio. We’re proud to carry wines under our 18th Street label that are food-friendly and value-oriented, and made by world-class winemakers here in California. Be sure to stop by the wine aisle and ask us about our new Barbera as well as our other 18th Street Wines! 

2010 18th St. Barbera  $13.99 

Our 2010 Barbera comes from Lodi,CA and is crafted by the talented winemakers at Uvaggio, who specialize in Italian varietals. In fact, Uvaggio also made our 18th Street Bianco, a great Vermentino from Lodi. Made entirely in stainless steel tanks, this Barbera has rich blue fruit aromas and flavors of dark fruits, cedar, and spice.  A medium body and great acidity make this red the perfect pairing for any sort of Italian food. Grab a movie from Fayes across the street, a pizza from Delfina, and a bottle of this and you’ve got the perfect night in!!

One Response to “The Return of 18th Street Barbera”

  1. Les says:


    Back in the seventies traveling through Italy and living La Dolce Vita the house reds were this GREAT. I always felt Rich with such pure juice. Live well. Drink and enjoy.

    Thank you